Forget Radio- Music Blogs Are Where It’s At

I feel strange blogging about blogging.

It is often said that we learn the best when it’s from each other. In this case, I will be giving three brief reviews on the most hip music blogs you just have to read.

BlOG #1:

Don’t be fooled by its title. While there are ‘hipster’ undertones within the site, Carles’ (the sole anonymous writer) creative, and sometimes inspirational, way of talking about life and its vices make it an incredibly enjoyable read. Among other topics, fashion, food, travel, sexuality, and gender roles are discussed. Also, there are free indie mp3s galore. So if you love downloading hot music samples, visit this site!


I first came across this blog over the summer while covering Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. A guy in college sitting at his computer next to me in the press booth referred me to this site, saying that it was “one of the first places he goes for new music.” I was intrigued at that point and I visited the site…and ever since then I have been checking the site everyday. It is run by two college guys in Austin, who probably spend too much time searching the depths of the internet for hot new underground music. And in a way, that’s okay! Their passion brings great music for people to listen to. Check ’em out. They post a free mix every week, which are usually great for dancing, or road trips with friends : ).

BLOG #3 MyOldKentuckyBlog

This site is BY FAR the best place to find countless number of small DIY blogs. I have found so many artistic, creative music blogs from this site. They, like GVB (gorillavsbear) post an awesome downloadable mix every week. They also post ‘live sessions’ which are filmed in-studio band recordings. Take a gander at this site, your music library will thank you.


This music blog is so big, they employ people to write about festivals from around the world, including our homegrown Pygmalion Music Fest!

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