“Wolverine” DVD Makes the Cut


This week’s DVD of the week is “X-Men Origins Wolverine.” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is a movie written by David Benioff, directed by Gavin Hood and starring Hugh Jackman. The story goes through how Wolverine got his powers, fought for his country, lost the love of his life and his memory as well. Notable celebrities can be seen playing popular X-men characters like John Wraith (Will.i.am), Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Professor Xavier (Patrick Stuart).

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is by my standards a good DVD to watch. It has a lot of action and violence. It also brings a lot of comedy, too, with Ryan Reynolds’ character as Deadpool. Since Ryan Reynolds’ previous roles are more comedic and in the comics Deadpool in notoriously known as a comedian and one of the most deadly characters. It’s a really good movie, I personally give it a nine out of ten stars. I recommend that you rent it next time you’re at the video store.

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