Verdict– Amazing Local Band!

Everyone hears about bands that have toured the world, but have you ever stopped to think about the bands that haven’t made it big yet? Verdict is a band from the Champaign-Urbana area. The band mates Chris, Tyler, Zakk, Cruz, and Nick D. met on Bandmix and formed Verdict in 2006. They are amazing.

When I heard their album, Hold ‘Em High I instantly loved them. They have a good mix of guitar, drums, bass, and vocals. Everything you need for a great rock band. Not to mention that they write their own music!

When some of the Urbana High School students heard them the reactions were just about the same. Freshman Kimberly Russell said, “Verdict is a well put together band and has great music. I just wish they were more out there so their music could be heard.”

For being a “non-famous” band, Verdict has done some awesome events including sharing the stage with Drowning Pool and Sevendust. Talk about accomplishment! The band said, ” We would love to tour world wide and be able to make a living creating and playing music.”

They have the skills for it! Verdict even plays all ages concerts, but unfortunately there is not any coming up soon. However you can buy or download the album on itunes, or

Verdict is a very unique band. It’s a wonder how they haven’t made it big yet. But then again it takes time and support. From the amount of fans they already have they have the support locked down. Like Verdict says, “Without them we wouldn’t have been able to attain the goals we have reached so far.”

They can make it. Just hold your high boys, fame is on its way!

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