Artist Spotlight: Ivan Mineyev

Today’s Artist Spotlight features a drawing by Ivan Mineyev. He spent a very long time on this piece of art, which is a brilliant representation of hard work and determination.

“It means that if you are determined to do something, to never give up until you finish doing it.”

He says that his picture “has only 32 lines and 33 circles in it, but every single one of them had to be drawn perfectly, because if it was even a little crooked, the end result would not be symmetrical.”

Clearly all of the thought he put into it really paid off.

Great work, Ivan!

1 comment for “Artist Spotlight: Ivan Mineyev

  1. February 9, 2017 at 11:56 am

    I love it. I really enjoy how when I look at it, it gives the subtle illusion of movement – like shifting flower petals. I also would have loved to hear more about the process of creating it. Was it freehand? Use of a protractor? Etc…
    It’s wonderful!

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