Ca$h Me Outside!

“Cash me outside, how bah dah?!” Do these words sound familiar to you? If not, you’ve definitely been living under a rock for quite some time now.

Danielle Bregoli is now an American television and internet star after being televised saying these very words.

On September 16, 2016, Danielle and her mother were both invited to appear on the Dr. Phil show. During Danielle’s appearance on the show, she is described to be defiant, provocative, disrespectful, a liar, and a thief. As the interview continues, Danielle is provoked by the audience.

She responds to the audience by referring to them as a bunch of “hoes” and inviting them to meet her outside. She uses the words “Cash me outside, how bah dah!”

Ever since, Danielle and her mother have received the utmost attention and praise from social media. Danielle now has 7.9 million followers on Instagram, up from 3.8 million just two weeks ago. She has starred in Kodak Black’s music video “Everything 1k,” where she showcases money and materialism. The video has made it up to 19,000 views on the internet.

She has been invited to numerous interviews and radio shows such as “Big Boy TV” and “The Crutz Show, Power 106,” where both videos have more than 1 million views. In addition to this, her actions are condoned by young teenagers globally through songs, dances, and memes. Producers are even considering giving Danielle and her mother their own reality show.

The purpose for Danielle’s appearance on Dr. Phil was to create positive change for herself and her mother. Instead, Danielle had gained social popularity off of the basis of disrespecting her mother and expressing violence and ignorance across social media.

Social media seems to be the biggest factor of Danielle’s popularity.

Social media is commonly used for sharing and discussing information. It is commonly used for social interaction where it provides a platform to communicate through words, pictures, footage, and music.  Social media was originally designed as a platform created for sharing  positive things regarding family, work, entertainment, etc.

Instead, teenagers have taken advantage of social media as a place to express violence, ignorance, drama, and cyberbullying.

Saskia Bakker, junior, expresses how she feels about teenagers using social media:

“I’d say that teens have definitely taken social media way too far. It’s gotten all to their heads. The amount of likes, exposing people, fighting over the internet, it happens everyday. Sadly, it’s not only teenagers, it’s the adults too. It keeps continuing because no one does anything about it. Everyone thinks this is okay and it’s not.”

Danielle’s popularity has risen due to the fact that media has encouraged her behavior, further giving Danielle the impression that her behavior is okay, even admirable .

Candace Phillips, a mother and UHS track coach shares her input on this situation:

“Well first of all, I’m old school. She would be getting her butt whooped. She’s very disrespectful and she thinks it’s cute, and I think the behavior with kids nowadays, it really comes from social media. “

Many arguments can be made in terms of understanding why media encourages such ignorance. In this particular situation, this young girl is only 13 years old.

Today’s generation thrives off of social media, which results into the behavior of young adults and children today. In the end, what does it all come down to? Is it the media? Is it the internet? Is it the money? Or is it the parents? The circumstances are all debatable.

In this case, Danielle’s mother serves as the major factor of Danielle’s outrageous  behavior. Peskowitz’ overall purpose for going on TV was to fix the broken relationship she has with her daughter. During an interview on Power 106, Peskowitz is asked about an upcoming reality tv show, she says, “Anything for my daughter, l’ll do it.”

Peskowitz’s response encounters another problem regarding the ideal of media acknowledging ignorance: She sought help for her and her daughter’s relationship, yet now, the tables shift, as to where this family is receiving tremendous amounts of publicity for the negative relationship. Now, money is involved.

Despite Danielle’s behavior and the image she puts out for other young children, all of this turns is overlooked for the sake of money. With the music videos and radio shows, for example, all of these people benefit for the sake of money. As long as money is involved, people won’t take the responsibility to do what is necessary to alter this current generation’s society.

She wanted to fix her daughter’s behavior, but now, Peskowitz seems to just care about the money. These actions are clearly hypocritical.

“This is parent ignorance. She was brought on the show to get help to fix her and her daughter’s relationship. And now that she is getting so much publicity, she’s making money and this whole situation turns into a cash cow. It’s like okay yeah my daughter is ignorant she needs to be in trouble, I need the help to handle her, but now because of this show, were are receiving all of this money, so I’ll go ahead and let it go, because we’re getting paid to do this,” Phillips stated.
As of now, Danielle is still a trending topic. Whether her “fame” turns out to be limited or not, no one knows. Will our generation still continue to encourage ignorance? Will money continue to be an influence? Let us know in the comments.

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