Dress Season

Spring cleaning is upon us, but hearing that is always a drag. What’s the number one clothing item your closet is bursting with right now? Sweaters. Clean that out by restocking it with dresses!

Make this season fun. Let’s call this season, Dress Season!

Dress Season is to some also Wedding Season. A joyous season when people are getting married,being bridesmaids, or going to prom! One thing all three have in common is, you guessed it, the dresses!

The number one dress you definitely need this season can be found at Forever 21; it’s selection of styles can help you find your Dress Season dress. Maxi, midi, mini, party, or casual, you name it! Forever 21 will most definetly have the dress you need this season.

One option hot in fashion right now is going flowy and loose with your dress. Long or short it shouldn’t be tight around your waist. By going this loose, your silhouette shouldn’t have a defined waist but defined shoulders. This look can be achieved with  sleeveless or off-the-shoulder straps.

The Perfect off the shoulder dress from Forever 21

Dress Season this year highlights mainly solid colors. Light nature colors like light greens, light blues, light purples, yellows, or blush are everywhere this season.

A light, sky blue dress

A pale, olive green dress

A pastel, colored purple dress











Patterns are rare this season, but those that shine are mainly floral or striped. Like a hippie, think positive thoughts when dress shopping.

Crochet or knits from cotton, polyester, rayon, or chiffon fabrics are careless and free, like the wind of Spring. They’re light and airy, like your hairstyle to match.

A hip maxi dress with a new interesting pattern

Trumpet sleeved dress with a stripe pattern

Floral, cute maxi dress

Dresses are supposed to make you feel not just like a princess this season, but like a fun fashionista with a sense of freedom and casualness.

Add shoes you already own, then bam! Effortless.

The  dress you pick out should be special enough to just wear with any simple pair of shoes you already own, yet still look like you put in the effort to look nice today. No one needs to know that  in reality you were just too lazy to match a bottom and a top together!

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