Prom Fashion: 2017-2018 Fashion Expectations


When going to Prom, of course you need to dress formally. It’s the norm to wear The Tux or The Dress, like a princess or prince going to a ball.

Such clichés of course can’t be broken sometimes because of school rules, and who wants to anyway? From a young age doesn’t everyone see the high school movies with the perfect Prom date with the perfect dress or the perfect promposal?

But that can’t stop you from being unique with your fashion sense! Break free from the movie clichés and dress not just to impress, but to make a new trend.

Current Prom Dresses:

The stereotypical Prom dress is a long, chiffon, solid colored dress with some sort of shimmer and shine of glitter or gems. Dresses have low cut necklines or the “sweetheart” everyone knows best from Cinderella.

A tight corset to define a woman’s hourglass figure or the dress itself is the classic “mermaid” style, like the Princess Ariel.

The dresses make you feel like a princess because of the big poof of a dress it is or the soft touch the fabric feels.

Ruffles on a dress sure do look great on a stereotypical prom dress. Like Emma Watson playing Belle in the new Beauty and the Beast live action, her yellow dress is of dreams. With so many ruffles and frill with layer upon layer of fabric.

Somehow, Prom dresses create your perfect feminine figure. You can’t help but feel like royalty with the outfit you put together in weeks advanced.

But which trends should stay or go?

Expensive Dresses Should Go:

Choosing the perfect prom dress can be overwhelming, so overwhelming we tend to spend impulsively just to find the one, but the one shouldn’t break your bank account.

Instead of going to a high brand store for a dress, like David’s Bridal, try a thrift store or online dress shopping. Urban Outfitters, Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 has a great variety of party dresses for at under $100. Which is way cheaper than $600, and you can spend that extra money on the rest of your outfit or a nice date before the dance!

David’s Bridal most expensive dress: $599.95

Urban Outfitters possible prom dress: $79

Shimmer and Shine Should Stay:

Yet still, be careful with sequins and crystals on your dress. You don’t want to look like a walking disco ball!

The shimmer and shine should be simply placed and integrated throughout the dress. Shinning with some glitter accents will pop out in photos but you don’t want your dress to out shine you! Stay as natural as possible, you should remember your Prom night as a fun, comfortable night.

As long as you’re not overdoing it, especially on the base of the dress, it’s still nice to stand out from a crowd.

Ball Gowns Should Go:

Although huge and beautiful, they are expensive and in the way. If you still want that princess look, go for a long dress instead!

Waist Whittling Dresses Should Stay:

Show off that hourglass figure! No matter your size.

Even if the dress isn’t skin tight, the waist line is defined in some way. You don’t want to go to Prom without a great silhouette from all angles.

New Prom Dress Trends:

Instead of being a movie classic, be your own princess at your school Prom! Here are some trends Prom dresses should get more of.

Two Pieces Assembles:

A cute, easy way to show off skin!


Although solid colors are still a plus, going with a delicate pattern can be another way to call for attention without the glitter! Or it just gives you an extra excuse to add glitter!

A recommended pattern is definitely floral. Have the pattern embroidered onto the dress or a transparent lace pattern.

Double win; floral and a two piece!

Long Sleeves:

Long sleeves add some sort of elegance to your dress!

High Low Cut:


A way to show off leg and still keep the long dress classic!


The 1920’s are coming back! Women are being more empowered than ever before. Embrace feminism in a new way by wearing a tux! It’s not just for men!

Being you:
The newest trend of all, being yourself! Be the princess you aspire to be this year and set the new trend for the next year to come!

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