The International Organization Changing One Sole at a Time

Sole Hope is an organization that teams up with churches across the globe to make shoes for children in Uganda, Africa.

This image shows the poverty rate in Uganda, Africa (Provided by World Resources Institute)

Shawn Boylon, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Urbana, states, “About six months ago, a friend let me told me about Sole Hope (before that I had not heard of them). As my friend told me what they had heard of this organization and what they do, it sounded like something we (as a church) could help with. So, we began to put together a concert event to publicize Sole Hope and arrange the shoe-cutting party a week after the concert.”

The soles of the shoes get made from Denim and Milk Cartons. Volunteers cut out the denim and milk carton’s into certain patterns. Volunteers have different stations where they will cut out denim and milk cartons in different shoe sizes.

In 2016, Sole Hope gave out 6,759 Shoes in Uganda, according to Sole Hope personnel.

You can always visit Sole Hope’s website at

Once you learn about your community your life will change.

Always remember to help out people who have less  than you.

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