Hallway Couture Highlights Ana Sofia Guerrero

Hallway Couture highlights Ana Sofia Guerrero for her Dress Up Day!

What is Dress Up Day? Well it’s a new trend Ana just made; it’s when you dress up on a day when other people underdress (typically a Monday).

“Monday is to dress up because everyone is laid back and you can stand out,” Ana says.

Ana Sofia Guerrero all dressed up!

So when others are in sweats, you wear the cutest thing in your closet!

She stands out not only because everyone else doesn’t, but because her maroon dress is shielded with a light colored denim jacket with sleeves rolled up.

Knee-high boots are always for the win too.

Denim jackets are great for layering in the spring/fall months, adding an edgy, yet girly look to a spring outfit.

Denim will never get old. With a unique shade of denim, any new outfit is possible!

Can’t wait to see you next Monday *wink*.

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