Hallway Haute Couture Features Kwan Robinson

It’s the beginning of the school year and guess who’s ready for the new fashion statements and trends the high school student body will provide?

Hallway Haute Couture is back and ready to seek out the most fashionable student of the week!

This week Kwan Robinson chose to wear a dress shirt, tie and vest to create a classic, sophisticated men’s look.

A male who dresses like this is called a GQ, or Gentleman’s Quarterly; which is a magazine that provides tips for men. This basically means Robinson simply likes to dress well and he’s a perfect portrayal of the kind of man this magazine promotes. I came to this conclusion especially after asking him why he dressed so nicely! He shrugged saying he “just liked it.”

Most men who dress like a GQ tend to have an undershirt, socks, dress shoes, tie, cuff, watch and wallet. These aren’t set rules, however, cleverly shown by Robinson. He creates his own GQ fashion by surrounding it with his personality: he wears Nike shoes for comfort and sport and he adds the splash of pink for color!

Thank you, Robinson, for your choice of clothes, now who’s next?

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