Hallway Haute Couture Highlights Spirit Week

Wednesday of Spirit Week it was Pajama Day and many people were more than sleepy and ready to nap, especially with their comfy pants, oversized shirts and onesies.

Hallway Haute Couture highlights Danielle Wheatley for her moooving onesie!



Brace yourselves for mooore cow puns.

The way Wheatley moos, attracts me like no udder pajama day outfit.

Wheatley was no cow-herd to wear her onesie all day. Hood up, udder showing and tail wagging, she was by far the cutest cow.

She’s got the moos like Jagger, and sorry if her outfit made me moody since you’re probably saying “I am not amoosed.”

Instead of hump day, Wednesday should be udder day.

Moo-chas Grass-ias Wheatley for a funny PJ day and your cow onesie.

Thursday is decade day, if anyone will even dress from the past because secretly, secretly, secretly it’s class color day. Secretly.  

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