Hallway Haute Couture Highlights Spirit Week

It’s Spirit Week and you know what that means? Fashion goes out the door and fun, outgoing looks are all over the halls.

This week on Hallway Haute Couture, instead of nominating one person, each day someone will get nominated for showing their spirit leading to Homecoming!

Monday was Sports Day; the day to show your support for your favorite team. Many people wore jerseys of their favorite sports team’s; most popular team I saw being praised were the Cubs.

However, Hope Panepinto, also known as Bridget, showed her sporty spirit in the craziest way possible.


She wrote on her body slogans to support the Fighting Illini, and honestly what’s more spirited than supporting your hometown’s team? She says she used nail polish, eyeliner and regular makeup to create her spirited look.

Crazier than using nail polish to write on her body, she used spray paint to paint her hair blue and orange!

Bridget found the best way to show her colors and outshine the trend.

Tuesday is character day, I wonder who’s going to cosplay as their favorite characters?

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