Pizza M Food Review

When you walk into Pizza M, you immediately get a coffee shop ambience with the long, communal tables and high tables looking out onto the street, filled with people exploring the internet on their laptops. However, the catch to this coffee shop is that the main attraction is not the freshly brewed coffee made fifteen different ways, it is the fresh, piping hot gourmet pizza served within twenty minutes.

Located on Main street in historic downtown Urbana, Pizza M specializes in unique, out of the box pizza combinations, while serving as a place where groups can gather after a long day at the office or late study sessions.  Pizza M offers signature pizzas ranging from “$10 to $20”, depending on the size you get, which is a pretty good deal for homemade pizza.

My personal favorite, the pear and brie pizza, combines the sweet flavor of the pears with creamy brie and mozzarella cheeses and the tangy, crisp onions for a perfect balanced bite.  

I would strongly recommend Pizza M to any vegetarians, but you can also have the option to create your own delicious, fresh baked pizza.  Some of the specialty vegetarian pizza options include the “Pizza M” with artichoke and bell pepper, the classic margherita with basil and tomatoes, The Mediterranean with spinach, artichokes, and kalamata olives, and BBQ Veggie with four veggies and drizzle of barbeque sauce.  

Pizza M also offers many protein-packed pizzas like “The Abbi” with bacon and eggs and “The Deluxe” which includes both pepperoni and sausage.  

If you’re not in the mood for a pizza, try Pizza M’s specialty coffee drinks or dive into a crisp, cool signature salad.

So next time you’re in downtown Urbana with nothing to do and have an empty stomach, take a trip to Pizza M for creative, uniquely made, one of a kind pizza.


Photo Credit: Smile Politely



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