Month: October 2017

Dear Delilah #2

Dear Delilah, I’m in love with another boy. He’s got amazing periwinkle eyes and the palest marble skin I’ve ever seen. He said he’s not from around here, but he won’t tell me where he’s from. Maybe Canada? Please help.…

Safety At UHS

Natosha Williams and Olivia Miller, Echo Staff With an apparent increase in attacks and crimes around the country, safety seems to be on everyone’s minds. People are questioning how safe they feel at work, home, and school. Even with all the…

Athlete of the Week: Justice Carter

Update: After competing at state this pass weekend, Carter placed 42nd overall. while on the girl side Sophomores Olivia Rosenstein and Chian Scott finished All-State. (Top 25 individuals)Olivia reclaimed her All-state honors, finishing 5th overall (Up from 15th last year)Chian Scott…

2017/2018 NBA Preview

Most sports previews are a little cheesy and kind of boring, just giving general information and predicting team records.  Here, we will change it up a bit and predict the winners of the highly coveted awards, such as MVP and…

Win a $20 Gift Card in The Echo’s Very First Magazine Competition!

Dear Echo Readers,

A small image of a tiger will be hidden somewhere inside the first edition of our new magazine, which will be printed in a week. The first person to find it and bring proof to Mrs. Tufano in room 2217 will receive a $20 gift card of their choice.

This game is for our online readers only so information regarding the contest will not be included in the magazine. There will only be one winner so if you find it, don’t tell your friends!

The tiger you are looking for will look like this (not scaled to size)


– UHS Echo staff