Dear Delilah #2

Dear Delilah,

I’m in love with another boy. He’s got amazing periwinkle eyes and the palest marble skin I’ve ever seen. He said he’s not from around here, but he won’t tell me where he’s from. Maybe Canada? Please help. I wish to know more about my newfound love. But he’s so secretive and never shows himself when others are around! What should I do?

-Disgruntled Dude



Disgruntled Dude,

I would stay away from this guy if I were you.

I don’t usually use anecdotes in responses to my readers, but I feel like your safety is paramount.

I had an older brother named Elliott who met a boy similar to the one you describe. He became very protective of the boy, keeping him safe from the government and teaching him things that he didn’t seem understand, like how to “phone home.” They were very close.

They eloped together, and my brother returned eight years later. He hadn’t aged a day, and he didn’t remember anything from the time he spent away.

We soon discovered that my brother was pregnant. Unfortunately, he died in labor.

With this information in mind, I strongly advise you to stay away from this boy. He is not all that he seems, and I get the feeling that he is from VERY far away. Even further than Canada.

Stay safe.


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