New Coffee Shop in Town: Pandamonium Donuts

Why is summer considered the greatest season? Other than the longer days and warm nights, summer brings sweet treats. A local food truck was open last summer selling what were believed by many to be the best donuts in Champaign-Urbana, Pandamonium Donuts.

However, the food truck had two downfalls: they were only open on summer mornings and the donuts sold out fast, so you really had to be a morning person. After a few years of the food truck, they listened to their customers’ prayers and finally opened a coffee shop where everyone can get their fix of treats throughout the day and throughout the year!

Located at 1105 Windsor Road, Champaign, Pandamonium Donuts is the perfect local donut and coffee shop.

The fan favorite panda logo greets customers immediately upon arriving.

The panda with donut eyes should be considered a new spirit animal for anyone who loves donuts.

Pandamonium Donuts is still a place with a nice atmosphere to settle in and enjoy coffee. The workers there greet customers almost every time the door opens, and the wall art is amazing!




This is the same local artist whose work is also on the Sipyard and Pizza M, Langston Allston! He compliments the coffee shop perfectly by having the mural black and white with splashes of pink. With different pandas found everywhere in the mural, it’s just so cute!

The people illustrated in it are just as fun; showing almost a comic story that illustrates the daily struggle of getting Pandamonium Donuts.

Take a sip and appreciate the warm flavor of a latte with a donut. The drink and donut compliment each other perfectly; the drinks aren’t sweet at all, so they soothe the sugar high of the donuts.

Coffee Menu at Pandamonium Donuts


Tea Menu at Pandamonium Donuts


Donut menu changes everyday for variety and a new taste each time!


Donut worry, be happy for the new Pandamonium Donut cafe!

Pandamonium Donuts is open Wednesday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm, and on Sunday from 7am to 3pm. Donuts can still sell out, so it is advised to get there early.




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