Charging us for our Connection

When you get on the internet you already pay for your link into the cloud, and it’s not cheap. But how about paying for every website and application you visit?

On December 14th, the FCC approved Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai’s plan in a 3-2 vote to get rid of Net Neutrality, a rule that requires all internet service providers to treat all content equally. Even after much of Congress and citizens voiced their opposition, Net Neutrality has been repealed.

Before it was passed, many citizens held protests outside of Verizon retail stores, called Congress, and commented on FCC’s page. More than 200,000 comments were made against Pai’s proposal.

With Net Neutrality, internet service providers cannot discriminate between users, content, websites, platform, applications, type of attached equipments, or method of communication. Charging for specific internet services and intentionally blocking or slowing them down is not allowed. But not anymore.

With Net Neutrality out the window, the daily lives of many Americans may change drastically. Bills can arrive in the mail from internet service providers with extra charges for any website people visited or application they used.

Suddenly, writing an essay for school might come with a lot more of a price than loss of sleep.

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