Anime Club Begins at UHS

Urbana High School’s new Anime Club will be holding its very first meeting today after school. Meetings will continue every Friday in room 2164, and all students are welcome.

The club sponsors are Ms. Alpers and Ms. Sassine. According to Alpers, new student Sam Hernandez started the club as a means to break in the new school and make new friends.

Of course, Urbana isn’t the first school to start an anime club. Centennial High School in Champaign has had one for years, and it is popular among many students. Leia Barton, a Centennial High School Junior, has enjoyed the school’s anime club since her freshman year. She says that it is a place where people with similar interests come together and enjoy anime.

“At the beginning of anime club we make a list of animes that we wanna watch. Then we watch them throughout the year, a different anime each week.”

Barton also describes the different activities that Centennial’s club members partake in outside of school. “We have a Halloween party every year where we have snacks and watch anime. People bring stuff in.” Most of the parties are held at club members’ houses.

Alpers stated that there is a strong possibility that Urbana’s anime club will do similar things, but she cannot say for sure how it will all work out yet. “We’re kind of letting the members who show up decide what anime club looks like,” she says. “It seems like there is a lot of interest in it.”

Alpers also explained that each meeting, there will be three animes for members to choose from, and a new one will play each week.

“Everyone should join it,” says Alpers. “It seems awesome.”

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