What is it by Kiariah Lawrence

We’re on and off

Friendships don’t last

Like a small bottle of glass

It doesn’t make sense

Maybe it’s a glimpse

Maybe they see us as wimps

All we ever ask for 

Is affection and compassion

Trying to find that satisfaction 

Never want to put it in action

We say we are friends 

We want to make amends

But our relationship just bend backwards

Like a never ending chapter-both

That’s okay we see each other

But doesn’t want to be bothered

I love you like kids loves their toys

I love you like a girl loves a boy 

What is it

We’re on and off

Let’s go back

And get on track

1 comment for “What is it by Kiariah Lawrence

  1. Darian Younggren Halliday
    January 27, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    Now this is a good poem.

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