More than a Coach: Jerry Moreland

Varsity assistant coach Jerry Moreland has been a part of the Urbana Boys Basketball Program for four years. Born in Urbana, he graduated from UHS in 1980.

As a coach Moreland’s goals “are to help…young men reach their life goals and their potential on the basketball court.” Even if you’re not a player, you still might know him from the hallways during school for his favorite saying “My brotha.”

Coach Moreland puts a smile on students’ faces whether they are a part of the basketball program or not. This because he believes UHS is the best school on the planet.

It isn’t just students who notice this, but other staff as well. Varsity assistant coach Herbert Burnett says of Moreland: “First of all, he loves the students. Second of all, he loves that school, but most important he loves God,”

Perhaps his faith is what drives him to make UHS a better place. Whatever the reason, we’re glad he’s here.

2 comments for “More than a Coach: Jerry Moreland

  1. Emily K
    February 5, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Hey guys, remember that UHS is a public school. This article sounds like it’s straight out of Judah or STM. While the coach and assistant coach may be bonding over their shared Christian values, it doesn’t belong in the school newspaper, just as I hope there isn’t any mention of their Christian beliefs when they’re coaching.

  2. Steven Thompson
    February 7, 2018 at 10:59 am

    Thanks for reading our site! We recognize that UHS is a public school, but as the goal of a profile is to provide insight into a person’s life, ignoring Coach Moreland’s religious beliefs would not give a full picture of him as a person.

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