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As you approach the first house you feel a sinking feeling. A pit opens in your stomach. But you dismiss it, pushing it to the back of your mind. You ascend the stairs of the wooden deck leading to the front door. You take your first step, a creak ringing out through the silence. Out of the corner of your eye you swear you see something moved, falling back onto the wooden steps and sending out another loud creaking sound. It was your shadow. With a relieved sigh, you stand up, ignoring the rest of the noise you make as you ascend up and onto the deck.


Now standing before the door, you raise your hand in a fist. Three sharp knocks ring out.


“Trick or Treat…” you mumble, the realization dawning on you that there is no other house around and you may have just walked into a horror flick.


As the silence continues, you slowly back away from the door, deck creaking with each step. If this really was a horror flick, you’d trip and find that the monster was right behind you. You spin around, eyes looking through the fog as best you can. You can’t pick out what’s real and what’s a shadow.


Can I help you…?”


You spin around to find the source of the voice.


A pale couple, almost ghastly, and with skin that looked like it had never seen the sun, stood in the doorway. They wore early victorian outfits, a black victorian suit and a very dark purple elegant ballroom dress. Their eyes bore holes through you, reaching your soul. Their arms intertwined, the looked you up and down. At the same time, their lips parted into toothy smiles, exposing two long fangs in each mouth.


Oh! Quite a cute young thing, aren’t you!” The woman crowed.


“Well, I mean, you’re not wrong.” You replied.


Wait, these are vampires right? Well keeping with the cliche, they must be vampires. You were pretty sure that this was a bad situation.


Confidence is a good quality.” The man mumbled to himself. He leaned over to whisper into the woman’s ear.


Hmm, what do you need with us?” The woman asked.


You thought for a moment. There was several lies swimming through your head.


“Trick or Treat?” You asked. They stared at you a moment. Suddenly they turned to each other in confusion.


Is it Hallow’s Eve?


Maybe. When was the last time we celebrated?


Probably a few decades.


Well what should we do? We have no candy?


You’re right. If this trick-or-treater goes back and tells the rest of their trick-or-treating friends then we’re doomed.”


We’ll forever be the house with no candy on Halloween. It’ll be like we gave them pencils!


Then they turned back on you, their eyes staring through you.


We could always,” The woman began. “Keep them here.


The man nodded in agreement. “We always wanted a child. It’s just different than how we thought it would turn out.


A chill ran down your spine. No. You didn’t want to be forced to have these weird introverted parents. They stayed inside all day, which was awesome and meant you didn’t have to socialise with the world, but then you’d have no life. Literally. Because they’d turn you into a vampire. And vampires are dead.


All you instincts told you to turn and go. But then the couple began to laugh.


Of course that would be crazy!” The man snorted.


Absolutely mad!” The woman laughed.


“…yeah..” You chuckled awkwardly. The couple smiled at you.


Since we have no candy, we can make it up to you by showing you where to get the most candy.” The woman smiled.


You didn’t want to, but all that you could say was agreement.


So you set off down the road with the couple, who still hadn’t introduced themselves. Basically, you walked down the street with two random strangers to get candy. You’re a great role model for children.


As you head down the road, you approach, ah, a graveyard. No halloween story is complete without at least one graveyard scene.


The graveyard was foggy and smells eerily of death. The candy you’d gained on the way here was a small amount, not enough to satisfy your need for sugar. The couple froze in front of you, looking around.


“Look, a graveyard!” You heard from somewhere close by.


Someone else was here?


“I can, uh, see that.” You heard.


“Since when do you prowl the graveyard?” You heard the growl.


The couple glanced at each other, before moving around the gravestone into a clearing. You followed them, seeing a scruffy old man standing in front of a kid your age, dressed as a werewolf.


So was the old man in front of them an actual werewolf? It would seem so.


The couple began to argue with him, so you figured with all the cliche about Vampires and Werewolves not liking each other, he was very much a werewolf.


“Maybe you two should just turn the other way?” The old wolf growled.


If only that was easy.


“No way!” The man scoffed. “We’re here for a very important reason!”


Yes, yes. Important. Making sure a random trick-or-treater got enough candy. No matter how many times you worked over it in your head, you just couldn’t understand why immortals were so invested in halloween. But whatever.


“I think you both need to leave.”


Everyone jumped, looking up to see a delicate old lady on top of an old broom. Behind her, you see a more or less rip off of her. Yet another kid seemingly your age. But wait, this kid looked familiar.


The old lady was definitely a witch, no need to work that over. I mean, her cat flew off her broom into the trees when she came to a sudden halt. But who was the mini witch?


“And what’s a mothball like you doing here?” The old werewolf growled at the witch.


Her old wrinkly eyes glared at the slightly younger man.


“It’s not like the graveyard belongs to YOU.” She snapped, her voice gravely and vaguely reminding you of your grandmother’s.


It was then that the familiar kid behind the witch noticed you. Their eyes lit up and you knew it was your friend.


“It’s you!” They exclaimed, seeing your face.


“This happened to you too?” You asked. Your friend nodded.


“What? You know this old woman’s disciple?” The woman turned to you, her eyes slightly hostile.


“They’re my best friend.” You replied, slightly anxious. What would these two do?


“I could care less if you know each other.” The old witch coughed, rolling her eyes.


“What do you mean you could care less! This is very important!” The man snapped at the witch.


It was important? For what reason?


The woman nodded in agreement. “Yes! Now that we know they’re friends they must go trick-or-treating with one another!”


Oh. Back to trick-or-treating. Why were you not surprised? Nor were you surprised when they started arguing over the relevance of that to the situation.


“What’s over there Alex?”


You look just in time to see the werewolf kid jump back after coming face to face with half a zombie’s face. It’s a zombie, without a doubt. Then another kid your age dressed as a zombie came up behind the zombie.


“…wro..ng…turn…” The zombie mumbled to the zombie kid.


“I can see that.” The zombie kid sighed. “This is the last time I let you give directions Alex.”


The witch, vampires, and werewolf, turned to the new undead friend, or foe.


“Ah, perfect.” The witch chuckled. “You, zombie, come with us.”


The zombie, scratched behind their one and only ear. “…why..?”


“I need you for reasons.” The witch replied.


The zombie shrugged. “..sou..nds…good…”


The zombie grabbed the hand of the judging zombie kid, leading them over to the witch. You didn’t blame them for judging, I mean, that zombie was just irresponsible.


“Wait, you can’t leave with our child’s friend!” The vampire man said.


The witch stuck out her tongue, grabbing the zombie’s hand while the kid climbed onto the broom behind the mini witch. With a snap of her fingers, a black cat zoomed out of the trees and the ascended up and zoomed off.


Now it was just you, the vampires, and the werewolves. But the vampires turned on you, shuffling around in circles. It was about now you realized that your life sucked. All of you karma had come back to screw you over.


You watch with longing as the werewolf and the kid race of into the trees, wishing you could go too.


But of course, you’re not that lucky.


Halloween ended, and the vampire couple kept you there. Since apparently, they didn’t give you the best Hallow’s Eve possible. Now you were doomed to eternity with them, and they still hadn’t even given you their names.


As you set about your life, you can’t help but wonder how it could’ve gone different that night. Would it have been different if you’d dressed up as something else? Probably.


Story by Olivia Miller