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As you approach the first house you feel a sinking feeling. A pit opens in your stomach. But you dismiss it, pushing it to the back of your mind. You ascend the stairs of the wooden deck leading to the front door. You take your first step, a creak ringing out through the silence. Out of the corner of your eye you swear you see something moved, falling back onto the wooden steps and sending out another loud creaking sound. It was your shadow. With a relieved sigh, you stand up, ignoring the rest of the noise you make as you ascend up and onto the deck.


Now standing before the door, you raise your hand in a fist. Three sharp knocks ring out.


“Trick or Treat…” you mumble, the realization dawning on you that there is no other house around and you may have just walked into a horror flick.


As the silence continues, you slowly back away from the door, deck creaking with each step. If this really was a horror flick, you’d trip and find that the monster was right behind you. You spin around, eyes looking through the fog as best you can. You can’t pick out what’s real and what’s a shadow.


Can I help you…?”


You spin around to find the source of the voice.


Wrapped in a black cloak, pointy hat atop her head, and a thin black cat rubbing against her leg, stood an old lady. A witch. Her face was a dusty gray color, with various black spots dotting her cheeks. How old was she?


Need a remedy, dearie?” The old lady raised a bushy brow, looking you up and down.


You looked around, not realising she was speaking to you. “Me?”


Obviously.” She scowled.


“Oh. Then…” Your mind spun around, trying to find something. What did Witch’s brew?


You peeked behind the old woman into the house behind her. Cluttered and messy, cobwebs hiding labels on the bottles all along the shelves. It seemed there was an expanse of even more rooms spilling out after the one you were looking at.


Suddenly a light bulb turned on in your head.


“Do you know how to like, go to a place, like, just by thinking about it? Like, teleportation?” You asked.


The witch rolled her eyes, turning and shuffling around her cluttered room. She knocked over a stack of books, pulling a large leather bound tome from the chaos. With a satisfied laugh, she returned to the doorway.


Hold this.” She snapped, setting the large book in your hands.


With a snap of her fingers the pages began to turn, dust flying into the air, before the pages settled with a crackle.


Here it is,” The witch mumbled. “Seems simple….hmmm…ok.


With another snap of her fingers the book snapped shut, shooting away from your hands and zooming back into the pile of dusty and old books.


“So, you can do it?” You asked, getting a little impatient.


Hmph.” The witch snorted. There was a hiss from her cat as it sniffed you.


Then the cat scurried off into the house with a viscous meow. The witch raised a brow. But she didn’t say anything to you, rummaging around the room for something.


The witch snapped her finger, slinging a bag over her shoulder, and waiting. Suddenly, a broom zoomed forward from somewhere towards the back, the black cat holding on for dear life.


“Um, what is this?” You ask, but once again, the witch ignores you.


Her old figure clambers onto the broom with many joints popping and several grunts. When she finally got on she glared at you.


Get on.” She snapped. “We have to go get something.


With a semi-explanation, you hop on, sitting behind the old lady.


Hold on. If you fall,” She turned her head, flashing a yellow-toothed grin. “I won’t come back for you.


The broom floated up slowly, the air still. With a snap from the old witch, the broom broke through the roof and rushed through the air down the street.


As you head down the road, you approach, ah, a graveyard. No halloween story is complete without at least one graveyard scene.


Zooming through the air, you held your hat to your head desperately. The old witch didn’t say much to you. Well, when you asked for her name, all she said was to call her Grandma. It was weird, but she did remind you of your grandmother.


The witch snapped her fingers suddenly, and the broom dropped rapidly down. You felt sorry for the black cat as it’s grip on the old broom failed. It was depressing watching it fly off into the trees.


Your ears rang from the sudden change of pressure, making it hard to hear whatever was going on as you tried to take in your surroundings. The witch had descended into the graveyard you saw earlier. It was shocking how fast you arrived here though.


“It’s not like the graveyard belongs to YOU.” You heard the witch snap, your ears popping and now you’re fully aware of the old man with a mini him on one side of the graveyard, and two, well, vampires on the other.


It was then you noticed the mini vampire behind the ghastly couple. Wait, was that, your best friend? Were they transported here too?


“It’s you!” You exclaimed.


Your friend nodded. “This happened to you too?”


“What? You know this old woman’s disciple?” The female vampire turned and asked your friend.


“They’re my best friend.” Your friend said with a nod to the vampire.


“I could care less if you know each other.” The witch coughed glancing backwards at you.


The male vampire turned on her. “What do you mean you could care less! This is very important!”


“Yes! Now that we know they’re friends they must go trick-or-treating with one another!” The female vampire insisted, nodding in agreement.


You looked at your friend for answers on this weird and completely unrelated topic, but they just shrugged as the vampires began to argue with the witch.


A voice drew your eyes up behind the mini werewolf. “What’s over there Alex?”


The mini werewolf turned to look behind them, jumping back in shock when they saw, a zombie? It must’ve been because it only had half a face.


“…wro..ng…turn…” The zombie growled over it’s shoulder, to a fake zombie. It was very obvious they were wearing makeup, a fellow trick-or-treater.


“I can see that.” The fake zombie sighed. “This is the last time I let you give directions Alex.”


Was Alex the zombie’s name?


“Ah, perfect.” The witch chuckled. “You, zombie, come with us.”


The zombie, scratched behind their one and only ear. “…why..?”


“I need you for reasons.” The witch replied.


The zombie shrugged. “..sou..nds…good…”


You watched as the zombie grabbed the fake zombie’s hand, leading them over to you and the witch. You made eye contact with the fake zombie, nodding your head in greeting. They did the same. Wow, stale.


“Wait, you can’t leave with our child’s friend!” The male vampire said.


The witch did something you couldn’t see, causing the male vampire to recoil in disgust. The witch grabbed the zombie’s hand while the kid climbed awkwardly onto the broom behind you. With a snap of her fingers, the witch’s black cat zoomed out of the trees and the broom ascended up and zoomed off.


You sped through the air to a lake? Yeah, a lake.


The witch took some of the zombie’s dried blood, doing some strange ritual with it.


“Um, is this going to like, send me back?” You asked.


The witch clicked her tongue in annoyance, turning an accusing spoon towards the fake zombie.


“Do you want to go back too?”


The fake zombie thought for a moment, before nodding. “Can Alex come too?”


The witch looked up to the sky, silently cursing. “Why not?”


Alex’s lip twitched slightly, mumbling something to the fake zombie.


When the witch finished her strange ritual, she made all three off you stand in the middle of a circle and performed another ritual. Suddenly, you were swallowed in a bright light, and that was the last you ever saw of any strange creatures or people.


You returned to you family and went about your same old life.


As you set about your life, you can’t help but wonder how it could’ve gone different that night. Would it have been different if you’d dressed up as something else? Probably.