Holiday Shopping

It is getting to my favorite time of the year Christmas! Here are some great gifts you can get your boyfriend /girlfriend, or your friend for the holidays. With the help of some girls and guys I created some great present ideas for girls and guys.
For Her:
$10 These days magazine subscription can be really inexpensive and so they make great gifts. Right now Seventeen subscriptions are only ten dollars, which is less than a dollar per issue. Other fashion magazines such as teen Vogue, Vogue and Cosmo are also good ideas.,,20438820_20439606_20871194,00.html
$15 Every girl would love a Starbucks giftcard. You can put any amount on it which is great because it can fit everyone’s budget. The great think about giving a gift card is that the (starbucks) red gift cards donate ¢5 for every time you use the card to The Global Fund, which raises money for AIDS. My favorite part about this is that you can design your own gift card got to to do this. You can even write a personalized note.
$25 Bath and Body works it one of the top places for getting lotions and items of that nature. Bath and Body has already made gift sets that start as low as $10 go to to check it out.
For Him:

$15 Itunes is a good gift, similar to a Starbucks giftcard because it can fit into any type of budget because of the different price ranges. With tons of music to choose from any guy would be happy to by their favorite album or episode of thier favorite TV show. Though, one of the nicest things about this present is that Itunes cards are sold about almost every store.
$29.90 Express has some really nice sweaters that are inexpensive like this nice red one. If you’re really not crazy about the sweater idea, you could always try some type of hoddie which can be found at about every single clothing store.|launch-date%3A-1y|availability%3A-2|hardware_platform-bin%3AXbox%20360&releaseID=
$59.99 What guy would not like a video game; um I don’t think I know one who wouldn’t want one. Fifa from Target is just one example of the many games that are available to buy. Yes the can be a little on the pricey side, but hey it is ok to splurge sometimes.

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