Marissa Meyer Releases New Novel

#1 New York Times Bestselling author, Marissa Meyer just released her latest novel, Renegades, on Tuesday. The novel was announced back in February, and fans have been waiting desperately to get their hands on a copy since.

Renegades features Nova and Adrian. Adrian is a Renegade—a human with extraordinary abilities who brought peace to a crumbled society. Nova hates the Renegades and is seeking vengeance, but Adrian begins to change the way she views his kind.

“I honestly had no idea what to expect from this, so the whole thing was such a fun surprise,” wrote one of Meyer’s fans in a comment made on Goodreads under the username ‘Cait.’

Another reader under the username ‘Wrensreads’ wrote, “Marissa Meyer is too legit to quit. She has never failed to suck me into one of her stories, and this one does NOT disappoint. I’m legit hooked.”

Some readers, however, were not as satisfied with Meyer’s new work. Emily May, a fan of Meyer’s past books, wrote in a comment that “Renegades didn’t really pick up until the second half and, looking back, I don’t get the sense that this first book really had a story arc. There was no climax or revelation.”

Regardless of the few readers disappointed by her new novel, Meyer is still continuing to gain popularity and recognition, and her future as an author appears to be very promising.

Renegades can currently be purchased on Amazon for $14.63.

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