Macho Volleyball

At the Urbana High School Oscar Adams Gym, a handful of Juniors and a stampede of Seniors competed in the toughest amateur game of volleyball.

Who said volleyball was just for the girls? These hit-men were at work last night playing to prove who was on top.

Macho Volleyball was hosted by Habitat for Humanity. With organizers Rodrigo Orrala and Eliseo Gonzalez both being seniors, there was a clear bias of wanting the Senior class to win.

The first game started with a rough start for the Seniors. In the first half, the Junior class dominated with a score of 25 to 17. In the second half, the class of 2018 had no senioritis as they spiked to victory against the Juniors.

Seniors working together to score against the Juniors

The Senior class had an overwhelmingly large team that was surely not too tired from the previous game to face the big, bad staff of UHS.

In the first set, the Seniors were cremated by the staff, with a sad score of 8 to 25. They came back, however, to win not only the second set but the third and final with a score of 15 to 13.

Volleyball Coach Cluver blocks for her team.

The last game was admittedly fast; there’s been better digging seen at a graveyard. Yet, the death of the Staff team was nothing but satisfactory for the Senior class.

The Senior class will forever show their tiger spirit and ownership of the halls by being the serve-ivors of Macho Volleyball.

Class of 2018, Victors of Macho Volleyball

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