Swiss Company Discovers New Chocolate

Today the world only sells the most popularly known chocolates: white, milk, and dark

Now there is a new chocolate in the mix. Produced by the chocolate company Barry Callebaut, Ruby is only the fourth type of chocolate ever found, and despite what you might think from its appearance, it isn’t made with any food dye or berries.

“The newest sweet is naturally pink. Ruby chocolate has a naturally fruity flavor that you can’t get from added ingredients. The chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean through a unique processing that unlocks the flavor and color tone naturally present in the ruby bean. Despite the other chocolate textures, this one’s texture is not milky. It’s also neither bitter nor sweet, but is a mix between fruity berry and silky smoothness,” explains Barry Callebaut of the Switzerland Chocolate Company.

The cocoa bean gives the chocolate its unique flavor. So they are now described by the media as “the new type of cocoa bean.”

The company does not know yet when to advertise it in marketing, but they do say it will be “6-18 months before it is released into the market.

So, excited as they are, people will have to wait before they can try this bizarre sweet. Patience will have to be on their side as they wait in anticipation for the newest chocolate success.


1 comment for “Swiss Company Discovers New Chocolate

  1. Darian Younggren Halliday
    December 12, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    What! Really there’s a chocolate called Ruby Chocolate.

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