Super Bowl Sunday

Watching football is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and the biggest event in the world of football is the Super Bowl. In 2017, 111.3 million people tuned into the game itself and 115.5 million people tuned in for the halftime show.

Some people don’t care about either of those. Senior Kaleb Schmidt, admits, “The only reason I watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials. They are the only thing that make it good.”

Senior Danielle Wheatley agrees and adds, “The thing I most look forward to is the puppy bowl, because who doesn’t like puppies?”

Some students just have a negative outlook towards the Super Bowl.

Nick Morris, senior, bluntly says “sports are trash,” and junior Kobe Armstrong says his favorite part about the Super Bowl is “not watching it.”

Like most people, seniors Aly Trowbridge and Alex Engler are just in it for the food.

In interviews, the love of food came up the most. And the most popular food item for the super bowl, according to the The Daily Meal is:

Love it or hate it, the stats don’t lie. Super Bowl Sunday is the most watched television event in the United States. Whether it’s the food, the halftime show, or the game itself, everyone can find something to come together for.

We want to know how you get hyped with your spread. Send us a snapshot of your Super Bowl Sunday feast.

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