Staying Safe in Summer

During the summer months, we all get a little preoccupied by the sun and awesome weather that we forget to take precautions to stay safe. Among the forgotten protections are sunscreen, water intake, and checking the weather.

When we forget to take into consideration the harmfulness of summer, there can be lifelong consequences. For example, if you spend too much time in the sun without the proper protection, the rays can possibly cause skin cancer.

Other results of a protection-free summer are the dangers of mosquitos. Some carry the West Nile Virus and EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis.) Ticks should also be checked for, Lyme Disease is often carried in ticks and can be spread through bites. And Poison Ivy can also be hazardous for your health, depending on the severity.

When exercising for your summer body, keep in consideration the risk of dehydration and go by the ’10 Percent Rule,’ which is increase your exercise amount slowly, at about 10% each week.

Also when we’re spending our free time bicycling around, we often forget children and how dangerous and oblivious they can be. UHS Librarian, Matthew Murrey says, “During the summer, it’s very important to pay attention when you’re cycling around. There are more people during the summer and everyone needs to take road safety into consideration.”

Another mistake many people make when training for their ‘Beach Bod’ is they start off running on paths they don’t know well. Unfamiliarity of a path can cause more trips and sprains, always walk the path first and mark where dangerous spots are. “Being aware of your surroundings is extremely important during the summer,” says UHS Substitute teacher, Mary Jane Tuttle. “Sometimes we aren’t aware of what we’re getting ourselves into; we can easily get hurt swimming or doing other activities.”

When people think of summer, they think about relaxing on a lawn chair on a beach for hours. But when it comes to reality, summers often consist of hard and strenuous work. The danger behind working too hard is that sweat ducts can become blocked, causing little bumps to form on your skin from heavy or tight clothing.

When in the woods or garden, be sure to clean up properly afterwards. To avoid problem rashes and breakouts, wash hands and arms thoroughly.

Also keep patio tables and chairs clean. Water is a breeding ground for mosquitos, so beware of standing water on tables. Keep sugary messes to a minimum, to keep bees and other harmful insects to be drawn in and possibly hurt you or family members.

“When warm weather arrives, the kids want to go out and play, but they’re oblivious to dangers. Even when my kids are in the yard I keep an eye on them,” says UHS Science teacher, Shanda Goodrum.

Also in defense of bees and wasps, keep the clothing color down, bright colors attract these insects and bring them close enough to harm you.

Keep the bug spray in stock! Bug spray keeps away annoying and sometimes-harmful insects, like mosquitos for instance.

When it comes to summer BBQ’s and grilling out, be very careful when it comes to the doneness of your meat. Check the temperature and make sure the food is cooked thoroughly, see exact temperatures. Failure to do so may result in salmonella or other food poisoning.,r:6,s:0,i:84

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