It! Revew

Whether you are acquainted with the King novel, the 90s movie, or are completely new to the It mythology, the new film will leave you breathless—and probably sleepless, too.


The recently-released version of It is even more intense than the classic film and the book itself. Mostly what makes It appealing is a cast of young, relatively unknown actors who, unlike most horror flick stars, leave the viewer with a feeling that we’ll see them again.


It is highly enjoyable and a must-watch for Horror movie fans. Taking the form of a clown to lure children into a false sense of security, It uses the children’s worst fears to torture them, as to It, the more they fear, the tastier they will be.


The central image in this film is a single red balloon, which It leaves as a symbol for his victims. In the classic version, Pennywise leaves red balloons for his victims. In the new film, however, Pennywise raises the stakes and leaves a weapon for victims to use on each other.

This is a must-see, even for experienced fans of It. Word of advice, however: Do not watch this film alone. Otherwise you may be freaking out until morning comes.

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